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Just as most life forms have a cycle of needs, gardens are no exception. From the initial sowing of seedlings to mature growth, all plants require regular maintenance in the form of pruning, shaping, and, when necessary, rejuvenation.  Whether it’s a large specimen tree or flowering plants, proper lawn care and garden maintenance will nurture your lawn and gardens into the future.

The cycle of seasonal cleanup, edging, weeding, appropriate fertilization measures and monitoring are all components of the stewardship that a garden needs throughout its more about gardening at

At Kent Greenhouse & Gardens our staff of horticulturists, arborists, veteran groundskeepers and plant aficionados work towards continuing education in order to remain at the forefront of emerging trends in plant care, pest and disease management, maintenance techniques and, most importantly, to help our customers make informed decisions.

Stop by today for our customized garden and lawn maintenance approaches that balance proper horticultural knowledge and practices with your budget and expectations to achieve the most desirable garden maintenance outcomes!